January 27, 2024

Has google made its logo-set consistent?

Aashirwad Gupta

Google tried to make all the logos coherent using the same design language across, but to a lot of users, now they all look the same.

This is due to their restrictive brand identity that is solely dependent on their 4 colors. Humans perceive things more visually. Colors play a significant role in the process. Hence in the case of Google, same-colored logos don't get registered uniquely.

Such designs are good for forming a consistent icon set on a website, but not good for unique logos. Google needs a new visual system that can comfortably and consistently accommodate its ever-growing product family.

How I see Google's new set of logos

A couple of successful examples are MS Office product logos, and Adobe product logos.

In both of them the whole family is consistent and still the logos are uniquely identified. In both of these families, the logos are not dependent upon the restrictive color scheme. They either depend upon different shapes (Office) or different Letter set (Adobe).

Office Logo Set

Unfortunately, they believe in doing first and thinking later, which works well for some of their products, but in branding, you need to think through.

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