January 27, 2024

Aarts wins India's Best Design Award 2023 for Tea N Me

Aashirwad Gupta

Aarts wins India's Best Design Award 2023 for Tea N Me

In the bustling landscape of the US tea market, standing out is no small feat. Yet, with an ingenious touch of creativity and a deep understanding of brand narrative, Aarts accomplished just that for TeaNMe. This remarkable project not only earned Aarts the prestigious 'India's Best Design Award 2023' in the Branding and Packaging category but also redefined how a brand can carve its niche in a competitive market.

TeaNMe's journey began with a desire to create a brand that resonated with consumers on a personal level. Aarts embarked on a rigorous exploration, diving into nearly a hundred sketches before crafting a logo that perfectly balanced premium sophistication with heartfelt sentiment. The word 'Tea' in Aguero Sans, spaced meticulously for a premium feel, is coupled with 'NMe' in a cursive script reminiscent of the owner's tea-loving grandfather's handwriting. This union of elements speaks volumes, embodying the relationship between the product and the drinker.

The brand's narrative, "There is a tea for every mood of yours," echoes through every aspect of TeaNMe's identity. It's a testament to Aarts' ability to infuse emotion into design. The name itself is a marriage of 'Tea' representing the product and 'Me' symbolizing the consumer. This simple yet profound concept speaks directly to the heart of every tea lover.

Subtlety reigns supreme in TeaNMe's branding. In a market saturated with 'herbal' claims, Aarts opted for a muted dark turquoise green as the primary brand color. It's a gentle nod to the herbal nature of the teas, allowing the brand's narrative to shine without overshadowing it.

The design language crafted by Aarts is human-centric, employing cursive handwriting and hand-drawn watercolor illustrations. Each product is not just a tea blend but an illustrated scene capturing the mood it's designed for. 'My' as a product name suffix adds a personal touch, affirming the brand's commitment to accompany the consumer on their journey.

By identifying the brand's dominant personality as a Magician and complementing it with the secondary character of a Jester, Aarts introduced a playful and witty tone to TeaNMe's communication. This creative wordplay, like 'ProductivTea' and 'Beu Tea Full Day,' weaves a delightful narrative around the products.

The scope of Aarts' work encompassed everything from logo design to packaging, ensuring a consistent brand presence. This meticulous approach, executed over four months, culminated in TeaNMe's distinguished position in the competitive US market.

TeaNMe's success story is not just a testament to Aarts' creative prowess but also a testament to the power of strategic branding in establishing a brand's unique identity in a crowded market.

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