60 year old brand repositioned in the national market

Giani's Ice Cream was established in 1956 in the capital of India. With 60 outlets and 100 products, Giani's was present in 5 states. Giani's aspired to grow as a national brand and needed an avatar that could serve the purpose. The 8 month long rebranding exercise resulted in succeful transformation that helped the legendary brand grow by 50% in merely two years!

Giani's Mockup

Open Up

While Giani's was one of the most loved brands among its customers, the identity was unable to express the experience its customers used to have in the store. An experience of hanging out with the loved ones, celebrating, sharing emotions, etc. Basically, opening up over an ice cream.

Brand Identity

The new identity was required to express the new brand story of opening up, however without deviating much from their previous identity that had a great brand connect with their customers.

Giani's Logo Explanation

Open Up Over an Ice Cream

We designed the identity forming the brand initial through an opening ice cream cup to communicate the new story in an abstract manner. The letter g and red color was retained from their previous identity, however simplified geometrically to provide it a modern avatar that was ready for national and international markets.

Product Designing

In its history of 60 years, this was the first time Giani's planned to sell its products in the general market, where it had to compete with other established national and international brands. Thus, needed a disruptive product design.

Giani's Packaging Mockup

Bold, Vibrant, Legendary

In order to stand out in the crowd of other brands, we came up with an unconventional design style, in which the product name was written in a vertical fashion to cover maximum surface area and provide it a bold look that could attract the customer from a distance. The vibrant range of colors were used to provide it a fresh and tempting feel. We also introduced a playful text pattern in the lid to subtly hammer the legacy of the brand in customers' minds.

Store Branding

A range of creatives were created for the store to tell the new story of the brand, and engage the customers.

Giani's Story
Giani's Story
Giani's Story
Giani's Story
Giani's Story


The website was revamped to showcase the new brand identity, products, stores, and franchise inquiries.


The brand is now a national sensation. It has started putting up its feet in the international markets.

6 New States

Giani's has expanded its reach to 11 states in India

2 New Countries

Giani's achieved it vision of going international

100+ Outlets

Giani's now a fast selling franchise with more than 100 outlets

70% Growth

In a short span of 4 years, Giani's has registered 70% growth

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