Ireland based
brand studio repositioned in the UK market

The studio faced challenge in their brand positioning. Their brand expression was not able to target the desired client segment. Aarts helped them in aligning their brand persona in line with the target market, and then creating a meaningful and effective brand identity along with all the brand touch points. With the whole new powerful brand communication language, the Ireland based studio is able to position well in the desired UK market.

Cliona Mockup
Cliona Moodboard


Amicability had been established as the core of the brand, for the brand had always been found amicable by its existing customer base.

The name

Previously, the brand was named as CARONA, which not only was unable to place the brand in the desired space, but repelled a lot of potential customers because of its resemblance with Corona, against which there was a worldwide negative sentiment.

We consulted them, and renamed the brand to Cliona, which had a sound similar to the previous brand name, only sweeter. Cliona being a name of a person, added more trust and personal touch to the identity of the brand. Apparently, Cliona was also the name of the founder.

Cliona Logo Image
Cliona Crescent Image

The Archaic Smile

Brand needed an identity that could express its core value - Amicability. However, at the same time, the brand didn't aim to look funny or not serious by any means. Thus the challenge was to incorporate the amicability through a welcoming smile with sincere and professional attitude.

Thus, we researched and found a figure that could hit the mark - The Archaic Smile. The smile in the identity also looked like the crescent of the moon, the ruler of emotions.


The logomark was supposed to be clean, minimal, scalable, and expressive of their top values.

Cliona Logo Description Image

Amicable. Sighted. Exclusive.

The archaic smile in the logo represents brand's core value - Amicability. The two dots above it represents the visionary nature of the brand. The C with Serif fonts represents the brand initial in an exclusive manner.


The website was required to provide a similar uncluttered and welcoming experience. However, in two different modes for viewers with different viewing preferences.


The brand successfully positioned itself in the UK market, with a significant rise in the inbound leads. The brand is able to partner with new companies across the globe.

The design for the Cliona branding was featured among The Best Corporate Branding Examples on DesignRush as one of the best brand designs.


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