A Fin-Tech startup registers better customer engagement through quirky branding and intuitive UX/UI

Fin-Tech is a growing industry, however, often the end customers find it difficult to understand the complex concepts of finance and offerings of the brand. 7Prosper started its journey in 2014, and required a quirky avatar to connect with the new generation. It also required a fairly intuitive UX/UI for its app to make personal financial planning a norm for people.

7Prosper Mockup


The biggest challenge the brand had to face was educating the customers, for most of its target audience was unaware of how personal finance works. To achieve it, the brand took a quirky avatar, using custom illustrations, depicting the the complex finance situations in a most playful and engaging manner.

7Prosper Mockup


The arrow pointing towards top-right denotes individual's growth in right direction, for the brand believes that only growth doesn't lead to prosperity. It should be in the right direction, by right means.

The brand color purple represents prosperity.

Right from Social Media to Blogs, from Podcasts to Investor Pitches, from Outdoor Campaigns to online Ads, everything followed the consistent brand communication language of Prosperity and fun.


The screens for the app were designed to keep the complex interactions with the user very simple. Graphics, charts, icons, and language were created to keep the user engaged and participative.

7Prosper App Screen
7Prosper App Screen
7Prosper App Screen
7Prosper App Screen
7Prosper App Screen
7Prosper App Screen


The startup is successful in educating a wide range of audiences but also in acquiring more than 10,000 early users and 3 partnerships.

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